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Pioneers Gate is a for-impact enterprise that is dedicated to empowering different communities by developing and providing top-notch technological and educational solutions and services while creating effective collaborations and partnerships in order to generate greater collective impact.

What Do We Offer?


An all-in-one education management system for schools. Administrators will benefit from full automation for the school's different operations and all students will enjoy more engagement and effectiveness during their learning journey.


Skills is a group of professional training programs (soft skills training and software training) to assist students and professionals earn and master powerful knowledge and technical skills in many work fields.

VEX Robotics

VEX Robotics is educational robotics for everyone. Our solutions span all levels of both formal and informal education with accessible, scalable, and affordable programs. It will definitely engage and inspire the STEM problem-solvers of tomorrow!

Our Values

These work values define the heart of our social enterprise. 


Commitment in achieving excellent results in all areas of work.


Originality in thinking, brilliance in design, and novelty in execution.

Social Responsibility

Consideration to the community needs in every part of our work.


Striving to outdo ourselves and amplify obtaining outstanding results.


Expansion in capacity and value through building strong partnerships.


Carrying on work in spite of difficulty and opposing circumstances.

SchoolBoard is our star education management system that will definitely allow your school to step into the world of digital transformation and make it to the next level of modern and high-quality education.

Get it now and allow your school to enjoy all of its great features and benefits.
The remarkable effects of teaching and learning with educational robotics:
  • Understanding our world more fully.
  • Integrating STEM education in novel ways.
  • Developing computational thinking.
  • Becoming comfortable with iteration.
  • Valuing the importance of learning from failure.
  • Learning about jobs of the future.
  • Spark curious minds to solve today’s most pressing issues and problems.

Why Get Solutions from Pioneers Gate?

As technology’s role in all societies continues to advance, you must get to know and use new tools to meet your evolving needs.

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