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We seek to develop the most creative, supportive, and pragmatic environment to unlock the gate for the Pioneers of the future and solve modern and future community problems. Our Team consists of young and experienced professionals who are passionate and dedicated to provide school communities, enterprises, businesses, and professionals with advanced EdTech digital solutions that fit all needs and different budgets.

Imad Jabboury

The Chief Pioneer

He has always dreamt of establishing the Gate. He built it and now has all its keys.

Mostafa Najim

Solution Shaper

He unlocks the Gate for you to step into the digital future with motivation and confidence.

Ghinwa Zeenni

Value Communicator

She shows you the way to Pioneers Gate and communicates the value of the entry.

Manal Reslan

Value Advisor

She welcomes you at the Gate and makes your journey a pleasant, worthwhile one.

Our Team also consists of brilliant and highly experienced developers for our different EdTech digital solutions. 

“Creativity, innovation, and intrepidity in problem-solving are fundamental in our culture at Pioneers Gate.”
Imad Jabboury
Managing Director

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